Heat up January and Still Be Cool, Without Being Cold!

Who says that just to stay warm you have to be frumpy? There's so many ways to keep the January chill away without defying your fashion sense. Layers, scarves, faux fur and trench coats are all back in business and we've been waiting for the summer heat to subside, to finally rock them out. Lucky for us we still have plenty of time before winter ends to rotate some pretty great trends!

Layers are key to staying warm and sometimes it's hard to know how to keep it sexy, when form fitting styles always seem to be at the forefront of fashion. Rule #1 -Leggings are a lifesaver! Living in skinny jeans and slim fitting pants, are a daily routine for women on the go and depending on the temp of the day you can put one or two layers of thin leggings under any pants you wish. Want to wear a dress instead? Buy some simple black or nude leggings and get the same color tights to layer over them with boots or booties for a classic night look. 

I believe scarf is just a fancy French word for beautiful, thick, colorful necklace, made out of cloth. (Okay, I made that up, but it sounded really good.) Rule #2-Treat it as the gorgeous accessory it was meant to be, with the added bonus that your neck has a complete layer of warmth. What a beautiful thing! 

Faux fur!!! If you haven't had a chance to read my last blog, it's a wonderful education about the creulty free ways the fabric industry has come to make vegan leather, wool and faux furs, with an unrecognizable difference. Rule #3- Elegance and warmth doesn't have to break the bank and never has to harm a soul, in the name of fashion.

When we used to think of a trenchcoat, we pictured 1940's Hollywood glamour. Sometimes masculine, (as Dick Tracy comes to mind) and sometimes sultry, (think black & white movie, glammed up gal steps into the room with all her draped diamonds on, a trench...and maybe nothing else underneath.) The mystery of suggestion is a very powerful thing but whatever you invision the trench to be, it's your turn to, (Rule #4 now) make it your own! Satin, velvet, wool or crisp. Tied up, open or draped over the shoulders. Whatever it may, be you can't do wrong with an iconic classic.

So layer one of these pieces, layer them all together! You can do no wrong when you follow just a few rules to stay warm and still maintain your unique fashion identity! 

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