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The velvet trend has us crushing hard

Posted on August 30 2016

Why velvet ever left our lives, we'll never understand but let's be thankful that this sultry fabric is back on trend. You can't walk down the street without catching a fashionista rocking the look. Even in Summer, as we look to cool satins and light fabrics, velvet still steals the spotlight.

While the fabric comes in all sorts of super-sultry looks, you could also pick up a sexy accessory, whether it be the velvet choker, to our favorite, the bootie. There's nothing that says in order to wear velvet you have to look like you're ready for the sexiest date of your life...but it doesn't hurt either.

When Winter finally peaks it's ugly head, just know that you can still keep your staple velvet pieces ready to go. Add tights, a trench coat and boom! Layers of sexy, ready to go!


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