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6月 04, 2020 1 min read

Although we may wanna keep Lana Del Rey's 'Summer Bummer' on repeat this year, perhaps it’s time to make light of our isolation and pursue self-improvement. Whether we’re bored-eating in front of our Netflix or sleeping our days away sobbing into our 5th glass of wine at noon, there are ways to improve our mental and physical health, setting goals and working towards them. Things are bound to reopen, and when they do, why not show up and show off our new and improved selves. Style is true therapy, it allows us to express ourselves and feel confident instead of lying in an un-showered heap in our beds. Lounge and comfort fashion is in this year, and when better than in quarantine. The current bright colors, pastels and tie dyes in fashion this summer are proven to be mood enhancing, and therefore beneficial to keeping motivated and positive during these hard times. Maintaining self and reducing stress and depression is our most important task and is essential to our immune system. Whether you’re planning to get together poolside or beachside with friends, relax at home, or get that bod you’ve been dreaming of, Style Delivers has the options. We all need a little bit of style therapy, self love is medicine, why not double up on doses. 

Blakely Cline
Blakely Cline

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