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  • Your MASK must remain on- over your mouth and nose at ALL times, even when trying on clothes. If we have to ask you more than one time, you will be asked to leave the store.
  • Due to our COVID-19 limited customer capacity rules, we have a 15 minute maximum try on rule
  • "Keep it Classy Rule" NO ITEMS to be thrown, or left on the fitting room floor. Please return the merchandise on the hangers to the nearest Style Delivers Associate.
  • We only allow one person in each fitting room at a time.
  • No ACCESSORIES allowed inside the fitting room
  • No oversized purses, backpacks, strollers and no shopping bags allowed inside fitting room.
  • Please ask one of our fabulous associates to help you with different sizing and swapping out items, if you have more than 6 items.
  • Thanks again for helping us keep it FAIR and SAFE for all of our valuable customers. XOXO